Many thanks Florian for the V2.37b enhancements, especially the file list item reorder commands, which are really useful for playlist editing.

Some further suggestions for these reorder commands:

a) Add them to the Edit menu
b) Make them preserve the relative position of items in a multiple selection - currently if I reorder two separated items, mp3tag brings them together.

Also, the new load/addition of individual files is great, except for one snag - it won't let me add the same file twice, which I need e.g. for adding a spacer to my playlists.

Also note the Load File and Add File commands are not (yet) on the menus.

Thanks again! I've made a further donation of e20.

PS I spotted that on the English Help page \Mp3tag\help\misc_donate.html the Donate button goes to a PayPal page in German.


Many thanks Chris for the donation and your helpful comments!

Both are very much appreciated!

Best regards,


Another snag with drag and drop. Dropping new files eliminates old ones. I noticed this when dropping files into the Winamp playlist GUI. In that app the existing files remain there. I'd like to see an option to go either way.


You can hold down the [Ctrl] key to add them to the file list.

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Thanks for the tip. Intuitively, however, I don't think it's the way to go. In both Windows and most Windows apps, the default of dropping is normally to simply add files.


For these functions I was working quite a long time now.
Now that dream has come true.
Thx a lot, Florian !


But definitely the best way would be, if there is a field in the menu to enable/disable the add/no add of files when using drag&drop. So anyone could see it at a glance, that there ´s a choice built-in.