2.45d - Odd and irritating problem

I have a habit of using mp3tag to putt all info on every track I put on my MP3 players (I have 3) and until this latest, I have never ever had a problem with mp3tag
Only now with the latest release, I note when I drag and drop the image, and press save tag, the image disappears ! below is a 1/2 as if its the 2nd one I've put on (it isn't) then i do it again and it becomes 1/3 and disappears
How can I stop this ? Or how do i get shot of this one, and go back to the previous which worked fine ?

1/2 means there are two images in the tag and it's showing the first one.
So before you dragged the image it must have been 1/1 and there already was an image.
Maybe it is a corrupt or just an empty image tag.
Try right click > remove cover to delete the first image.

Thanks Dano.
I KNOW theres no image, thats the problem. It may be saying there is, while there isn't
I've just had a little fiddle with it, removing all the first image (nothing there) and when i check, its back to 1/2 again. I do it individually, and the image I dragged in pops up - then go elsewhere and back, and its 1/2 again, with 1 being blank

Did it again. removing what i believed was the first - it deleted ALL the images I put in....which took hours, not just the first non-existent one. back to square one. It could be just this batch of tracks of course.

Yes, it must have been. They're going in OK now.