[2.48] How to set Track field?


I'd like to copy a bunch of MP3 songs from different albums onto a smartphone, but I don't really know how the Track field is used in each song.

What happens when two songs (one on the smartphone, and a new song I'd like to copy there) have the same Track number?

Thank you.

Your smartphone will send alert messages to all copyrightholders of the songs and activate the self-destruction mode.

No serious, how should anyone in the forum know that? You don't even tell us what kind of smartphone.
Sorting of music libraries varies at each software & hardware player. Normally ALBUM is higher on the sorting hirachy as TRACK, but just try it!

Sorry. My question wasn't specifically about smartphones, though.

Suppose I already have a bunch of songs on an MP3 player, and I wish to add more from my PC: Should I check the last Track number in the MP3 player, and then number all the new songs from there so that they are specifically played in that order?

Or do MP3 players usually start from 1 for each album?

Thank you.

As pone said: that depends on the MP3 player.
Some only sort by filename,
others look at the track numer tag,
others even consider playlists.

Try it. And once you have found out the likings of your player MP3tag will support you to modify the data in a way that you get the most out of your player.
Just remember to always make a copy of your files before you modify them so you can always fall back to the original filenames and tags.

MP3tag will support you to renumber all tracks in a list - just use the auto-numbering assistant.

Thanks for the info.

Usually they sort form 1 for each album, yes.
When you want to have a personal playlist from files of different albums on your player, you can tag the files as if they were a album. Give them a new album name like "New Playlist February 2011" and renumber them in the order you want them.