2.69 has broken Amazon source

Hey all,
Just installed v2.69 and it seems the update to the Amazon.com.src has broken it completely.
Whatever I input, album name, artist name, catalog #, I'm always getting the error:

Mp3tag v2.69

Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria.


I tried with super obvious stuff like "madonna", etc.. not once was it able to output anything other than the error above.
Thanks for any help.

Edit: reverting to the old script from 2.68 fixes the issue..

Edit2: well that was easy, re-adding "AssociateTag=mp3tag-20&" to the 2.69 script fixes the issue as well.. why was that removed?

I can confirm that the tag search at amazon.com does not return any results.
The cover search works for amazon.com and amazon.de
The search at amazon.de works for both.

I edited my post with the fix ohrenkino.
Just change:




What I wonder is why was that altered..?

This change slipped through by accident.

Amazon.com terminated my associates account because they were interpreting the clicks users of Mp3tag make via the tag sources dialog (via the This album on Amazon.com link) as artificially generated clicks (which is of course not the case). They told me to not use the associate tag anymore and I made some experiments to remove it but still leave the web source intact.

I guess I have to release another new version which fixes this.



Thanks for this detailed explanation Florian, makes sense now.

Thanks again for pointing!

I've fixed the issue with the current Development Build (v2.69a) available from http://developer.mp3tag.de

Kind regards

You're more than welcome :wink:
Thanks for the headsup!