2 desperately needed features..

Hi all,

  1. I want concurrent drag n drop support. I mean currently in mp3tag I drop a audio file into the application from Explorer (normal) but when I drag another file into the same session then the existing file is removed from editting pane. I know one can drag n drop batch files at the same time but it would still be nice if an option to drag per file same session can be supported.

  2. Back to editting pane.... support for Highlighting of changes (in memory editting), I really would love this feature as a tickbox enable/disable feature so users enjoy the convenience :slight_smile:

Holding "Strg" ("Ctrl") when adding new files and there will be added without removing the old files.

Ah ok, holding the Ctrl button, this nice to know I will try. Perhaps a tickbox option could still be added in ftuture to always allow non-removal when drag n drop. I know Ctrl isn't hard to forget but it would just better the work efficiency, with myself, in adding files to mp3tag in this manner.

As for my second feature req2uest, I really hope t6he author can add this in a future release - if best next release. I have said before that mp3tag has everything for me in the tagging department and I seek nothing more except this highlighting feature