2 Ideas: Comment hover, Cover display window size

Hi there, I love this program and I've donated in the past. Just suggesting a couple of feature ideas after having used it for a big project.

When hovering over comments, what about making the full text appear within the program window, rather than extending beyond the program window. Some of my comments are long, like passages from Wikipedia long. Maybe I'm the only one.

Also, I feel it might be nice to the have the display window for cover art slightly larger, perhaps as wide as the tag panel (and maybe display the image info underneath).

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

I would say that the text bubble gives a good hint as what the field may contain.
If you really want to see the contents of such a long comment I would suggest that you first hover, identify that it is probably the correct file and then use the extended tags dialogue for a thorough examination.
If the text bubble does not show the discriminating text, I would suggest that you use a filter.

These are just suggestions for the time until the feature has been implemented.

But that is additional clicking! A disgusting thing to do!!!

In Excel you can have comment written to a cell. For every cell you can have as much data as you want- and then shape it and even move around a given worksheet. You can have the area for comment way too big or well to small- but you also can execute a VBA Project Module that will automatically trim or expand all of the comments to the exact size needed

So how about the user could define the size / shape / placement of the hovering comment field? Or for that matter apply this to all of the fields? Come to think of this, that would be a great feature- something to combat that annoying thing that constantly gets in my way. And it could be expanded to even something more:

Over the years I have tried many configuration of Mp3tag, moving around windows and also adjusting sizes of system fonts; something I elaborated on in this part Unofficial Mp3tag & Audio Efficiency Guide V.1 of my extremely discussed about guide. All in all in the end I ended up buying a widescreen monitor and sticking a Tag Panel to the left side of the screen but also making it as thin as Mp3tag allows it to be- so that I would still get the most horizontal space I can [with the Tag Panel being turned on]. But what I unfortunately still find myself constantly having to do is to wider the Tag Panel for a moment- so that I can see the content; or alternatively to wait for the hover box to appear

So what if there would be a kind of line that would displays immediatelly the content of the hovered over field? This could be displayed at the very bottom or on the right side of the menus on top. Or even make it movable and with editable content, similar to the Filter box- in that it would automatically display whatever is hovered upon; or hovered upon and then told somehow told to be send to that box. And it that box it could be edited and saved [in the field it came from] or just edited for the purpose of manual coping of the data for some future usage