2 new export configurations with color themes

I don't mind if you adapt the config to your site.
I'm using indeed tooltips from html_tangerine by ctnchris (with his permission), but I think he don't mind it too as long as his copyright is there.

You could give me some ideas about new color schemes or new features for the config :wink:


O no problem there, i am all over that hehe. i just got some more mp3's to go thru tonight and will be spending some time with it so let me think on it. I know i will come up with someting. :wink:

CHANGE: text color in "sunset" changed for better readability


EDIT: configs are hier

I just wanted to call Florian's attention to my confings too :smiley:

Oh my, I've almost forgot them :astonished:

I'll update them this evening, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

Updated :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

BUGFIX: #-character in filename caused broken links.
Also updated html_nickless_javasort_*_link.mte configs.

Edit: updated html_nickless_color_schemes_albumcover.mte to (probably) fix #-char-bug for cover images too
Edit2: reverted last update
Edit3: color schemes configs are here

html_nickless_javasort_lite_link.zip (4.98 KB)

html_nickless_javasort_popup_link.zip (6.86 KB)

Hi nickless,

I tested out your "color_schemes_albumcover" export file which includes the "#" character fix. The fix corrected the links to the music files, however, it wasn't pointing to the folder.jpg files.

Just needed to add "%folderpath_rel%/" in front of "$validate(%album%,).htm" in the first line of the MTE file.

Works like a charm!

Hi kockroach!

Thanks for testing it out :slight_smile:

I tryed it out too and it seems that my browser just don't load files containing # in filename, so I should change all #-s in address bar to %23-s manually, but after doing so, all links etc. works flawlessly.

Anyway, %_folderpath_rel%/ don't hurt, and works in some cases so here an update (see Edit of my last post).


Hi nickless,

You're welcome...glad I could help. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean about %_folderpath_rel% not working all of the time. It doesn't seem to exactly use the correct path always. I tried using just %_folderpath%, and it seems to work like I want.

Thanks again! It is a very cool export file!

Hi kockroach!

I'm glad you like it :slight_smile:

I still wonder about all this #-stuff :unsure: IMHO the only thing %_folderpath% is doing inside of $filename() function is setting the path (and this only in Mp3Tag export box!) where exported file should be stored, it does not have any influence on browser and can be changed easily on export. Besides, I assume that "folder.jpg" is in the same folder as exported .htm file, so it's browser's fault if it can't handle relative path properly.
I reinstalled firefox, installed latest Mp3Tag dev. build and run some tests... it seems that I don't have these problems with # chars any more, no matter how export file is named.

According to that I reverted last changes (%_folderpath% stuff) and updated html_nickless_color_schemes_albumcover.mte again.


In case someone still have problems with #-chars in filename, changing the first line of the export configuration to

$filename(%_folderpath%$validate(%album%,_).htm)<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

may help.

Hi nickless,

You know, it is strange. I reinstalled Firefox, and I changed this line:


to this:


And like you mentioned, I have no problems now with the "#" character (in your export files that is....I still have the problem with squonk63's)

The reason why I have


to create the filename is so that when I have all albums up, it will still save the file in the album's directory. Otherwise, if I am in my E:\MUSIC\MP3 directory, not having the "%_folderpath%/" in there will save it to the main MP3 directory, and the folder.jpg will not be linked. I think it just saves a little extra clicking on my part.


Update! (Yes, I'm still there) :smiley:

ADDED: new color theme: gentoo (inspired by gentoo linux forum)

CHANGE: some small fixes

Would you please update the configs, Florian?
The versions in Export Configuration Archive are pretty old...

nickless :music:

Configs and previews are here

It's great to see you rock again. :sunglasses:

~ export lover

The html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist.mte.zip zip file is corrupt (CRC mismatch). Please re-upload, I'll fix it in the archive too.

Thanks :smiley:

Done :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing on this.

Credit goes to milka who has notified me via PM :slight_smile:

@milka: Thanks!
@Florian: Thanks for quick reaction :smiley:


CHANGE: alpha blending effect for tooltip works much better for mozilla/firefox browsers (opera seems not to support this at all)
CHANGE: html character encoding set to utf-8, change it to iso-8859-1 (4-th line of config) if you don't use unicode for tagging and see garbage in exported file
CHANGE: ~1kb smaller file after changing indent characters to 1 tabulator instead of 4 spaces
CHANGE: some small fixes

It would be great if you could update export configuration archive, Florian :slight_smile:

nickless :music:

Configs and previews are here