2 new export configurations with color themes


I've made several export configurations on the base of my "javasort_popup_link" configurations with lots of improvements and some new ideas :slight_smile:


sorting, average bitrate calculation, details popup (thx ctnchris), 28 color themes, 6 gradient effects.

Color theme and effect can be changed directly in browser. (See preview)

Sorting and saving of settings needs JavaScript and Cookies to be turned on.

Multi album cover export creates a HTML file similar to album cover export, but for multiple albums on one page.
It supports sorting and color schemes too, but gradient effect is calculated over all songs, all albums have the same color scheme and all albums are sorted by the same criteria. Check out the prieview :wink:

directory_list_lite is the same as directory_list, but has no links for playing files, this results in smaller file.

Just enjoy it :smiley:


As you can see I'm posting the updates pretty regularly :smiley: :rolleyes:

Update 19.11.2007 !!!
Highly recommended for all users of crappshiny new Internet Explorer 7 out there, otherwise you will not be able to see anything if you export lots of files (ca. >2700)

Also everyone who base his own export configuration on my arrayed export might be interested in this update (search for "ugly workaround" in the file)


  • previews and configs are back here
  • reuploaded html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist.mte.zip, because of corrupted archive
  • updated both configs (see last page for changes) and previews
Edit4: 16.04.2006:
  • corrected number of color themes and effects in description of "Features" above
Edit5: 16.04.2007:
  • code cleanup and some other minor fixes
  • albumcover export: smaller file by not exporting unused tags
  • new export configuration: multi album cover
Edit6: 30.10.2007:
  • fixed java script errors with (corrupted) files having undefined bitrate (thx pappi54)
Edit7: 19.11.2007: UPDATE
  • added a workaround for IE7 JavaScript statement limit bug, many thanks to urac for testing
    You can read the discussion here for technical details
    I have not changed *_albumcover.mte since albums normally do not have >2700 titles :slight_smile:
Last Update (of configs): 19.11.2007 A list of md5 hashes for paranoid people like me:

1dcaf012e8b937b9bfb7067fa7302ff0 html_nickless_color_schemes_albumcover.mte
72d04402ca9adbc4386a85a31f686963 html_nickless_color_schemes_albumcover.mte.zip
43e447b656246030806eb61b1987f1a0 html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist_lite.mte
67da8b660e5a0cb16ba97a092db5b966 html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist_lite.mte.zip
e6e0ccadd7eca00ad98150b27f43b1c2 html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist.mte
5d608307b8d95c34f66dc6330329d3ab html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist.mte.zip
eb47ff6c67157bfdc7dfe03312bf05e0 html_nickless_color_schemes_multialbumcover.mte
f9eaaae6e45ec9f8aed7ce0a060934ba html_nickless_color_schemes_multialbumcover.mte.zip

preview_nickless_color_schemes_albumcover.zip (82.5 KB)

preview_html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist.htm.zip (16.9 KB)

preview_html_nickless_color_schemes_multialbumcover.zip (39.2 KB)

html_nickless_color_schemes_albumcover.mte.zip (13.2 KB)

html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist.mte.zip (13.1 KB)

html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist_lite.mte.zip (12.9 KB)

html_nickless_color_schemes_multialbumcover.mte.zip (14.1 KB)

Nice work, I like it!!!

Thanks! :smiley:

BUGFIX: links to the files not worked for relative paths

ADDED: new color theme - sunset

Good reason to add this configs to Export Configuration Archive :wink:

Yes, indeed :slight_smile: I've just added your advanced configurations to the archive.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
~ Florian

Thanks :smiley:

Great stuff, but...

When I sort by 'Album' the 'Track - Title' column is not sorted by ascending track number. This means that all the tracks are not in their correct order. It would be good if you could make it have a secondary sort on that column when the 'Albumn' column is used as the primary sort (or give use the option).


Hi jaybeee!

You can allready sort by multiple criteria, just sort first by track and than by album. :slight_smile:

If you want to have this sorting by default, search for "Array(-1,-1,-1,-1,-1);" in the configuration file and replace it by "Array(1,2,-1,-1,-1);" (or whatever you want - this is the initialization of sorting stack and digits are numbers of data arrays which are about 20 line above this place).


oops :whistling:
Cheers nickless.

Update! :smiley:

BUGFIX: "on hover" didn't worked properly in Opera

CHANGE: default theme is "ice"
CHANGE: default effect is "mirror 33"

ADDED: 4 color themes by Milka: gold, emerald, arctica, silver (ex "light" by Milka)
ADDED: 11 new color themes: nickless, black, white, biohazard, milkdrop_vis, fire, matrix, red desert, ice, deep blue, red sky
ADDED: a new :whistling: effect: mirror 33

Would you please update the configs, Florian?

nickless :music:

Edit: configs are in Post #1
Edit2: removed old previews

Hi, not sure if you still look at this forum but in the hopes you do, i have a question.

I really, really like your html_nickless_javasort_popup_link export configuration template for Mp3tag. However i am wondering if there is a way to something with it that i would very much like to do.

That is, is it possible to make it so it creates web based hyperlinks to all the mp3's that it lists. I would like to be able to create an HTML output file with your config and have it so peeps can click on any particular MP3 Artist or Song Title and the user through there web browser would be able to download or play the specific mp3 file. A nice feature in a program called The HTML Directory is it allows you to specify a web address that it will automatically link to all the titles etc that it creates. So when i run a webserver for example, i will be able to host this exported html page and people will be able to browse the list and download or play the music after clicking on a particular Artitst or song title.

Is it at all possible to make your java popup export config do that? I would be very interested in finding a way if its possible.


Hi eXo!

First, thanks for using my config :smiley: and about your question, I think it's possible.

I've no experience with running a webserver but IMHO the only problem there is to have the links in right format so user can access the files.
Internally, I have the links (relative path) to file Nr. n of the table in the array "a" under a[n][16] (line 181 in config) when the link is clicked, a new document with link to the right file is created in function play_file() (line 411), so i think you just have to set the destination file for export to the right folder to have relative paths equal to the folder structure on your webserver and maybe insert the web adress where the files are into the play_file function to have it always prepended without adding it to each file.

Tell me about other problems if I missed one, ...and I would like to have a look at your page when it's online :wink:


Ok i am getting closer to figuring it out hehe

In the following line i placed my URL:
ddrivetip(''play file:
"'' + a'['link_nr']''['16']' + ''"'', 320);

And when you click on Play the Java mouse popup tip shows the corerect path to the particular mp3. However when you click on it, it comes back and says 'Page Can Not Be Found' even though the address in the web browser address bar shows the corect path an file name to the mp3. I would think it would start playing automatically in Windows Media Player but it doesnt. Also i am reall y not crazy about how the browser?, java script?, puts in all the %20 in the path and file name where there is normally spaces. But even so it should still work. So i know i am close at least. Dont think its a permission thing yet with the web server but i am gona look into that as well.

Also i put my URL in the following line:
function play_file(file_nr) { var new_win = window.open("" + a'['file_nr']''['16']',"Playing", "") }

So anyway i will play arround with it some more later today i think and see how bad i can mess it up hehe

I've just tryed out the link, and it seems that you've found the solution :slight_smile:
Looks pretty cool :music:

Actually what i ended up doing was going with a differnt free web server software package and then also using your html_nickless_color_schemes_directorylist configuration. I didnt even have to make any changes to the configuration file, it worked right off the bat.

One thing i wanted to ask you though, is do i have your permission to slightly alter the output of the configuration pages? Just minor tweaks and such nothing major by any means. I of course will be putting up a couple of links to MP3Tag as well as credits for your script on my page. The combination of the 2 are a true live saver.

Now if i could only get MP3Tag to include the abilties to do Genre lookups and find duplicate files by partial file name matching i think i would be all set.

Anyway, thank you very much for all your hard work, to both you and the MP3Tag developers. If there is ever anything i can do to help either one of you, please dont hesitate to call on me.

I don't mind if you adapt the config to your site.
I'm using indeed tooltips from html_tangerine by ctnchris (with his permission), but I think he don't mind it too as long as his copyright is there.

You could give me some ideas about new color schemes or new features for the config :wink:


O no problem there, i am all over that hehe. i just got some more mp3's to go thru tonight and will be spending some time with it so let me think on it. I know i will come up with someting. :wink:

CHANGE: text color in "sunset" changed for better readability


EDIT: configs are hier

I just wanted to call Florian's attention to my confings too :smiley:

Oh my, I've almost forgot them :astonished:

I'll update them this evening, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian