2 New Features (Suggestion)

MP3TAG has no rival. One of the few software programs I know that can make that claim.

When I Look up cover art and make a selection, I'm always asked if I want to keep the original. I almost NEVER want to keep the original. I'm wondering if it's possible to allow me to turn this confirmation off in the future.

Second. I include Art Cover in every album directory. I know that MP3TAG can export the cover art (with many steps) but I would love a hot key or button to do this operation for me. Also I save my Cover Art as .png and others may use a different graphics type. So I guess a selection in the setup for default graphics export type would be needed. Also nice, would be a variable setup for naming the Cover Art. I put '--- ' in front of the Art to place it at the top of the directory and also to make it stand out. So Perhaps Variable '--- ' = (%1Title) or something to that effect.

I have a lot of respect for the authors of this program. Nicely done.

If you cannot keep the already existing cover, then you cannot add other (mime) types of pictures (e.g. besides cover, the artist, the leaflet, the conductor and so on ...

Second suggestion: check Tools>Options>Tag sources
There you can set the default name for saved covers with variables, e.g. I use


The extension of a picture file should represent the graphics type. So if you have a png, it should be saved as png - this should be catered for if the default cover name does not include (a perhaps misleading) extension.
So instead of using "folder.jpg", use only "folder" (or any other combination of string constants and variables).