2 questions about Discogs tagging

A couple of quick questions:

  1. Is it possible to have only the covert art written to the tags and to leave the other parts of the tag alone?

  2. Is it possible to select multiple mp3s and select Discogs tagging, rather than one at a time i.e. some kind of queue system which opens the next mp3 to tag after the prior mp3 tag has been written?

Many thanks in advance!

  1. When the Discogs info screen comes up, right-click on the Cover > Extract Cover, it will create a jpg file then hit Cancel so the other tags aren't updated. Then right-click on the Album art area on the tag panel > Add cover and select the jpg file.

You can also go to Tag Sources > Cover Art > Amazon.com and it will only update the album art. That way you can update the tag directly without creating a jpg file.

  1. Yes, the best way is to select an entire album and you can update all the tracks on that album at one time.

I've had better luck using the MusicBrainz site.

regarding 1 can this be done with discogs instead of amazon?
Regarding 2 i am actually tagging art in singles not albums so i am still interested to find another way


Nope, either Amazon.com or Amazon.de.

Anyone have any idea why that might be and how it can be overcome?

Is there any particular reason you prefer album art from Discogs instead of Amazon?

Yes, becuase my music is a little more underground :ph34r: than some tastes. Discogs has say, 80% of the art; Amazon has < 20% :astonished:

Locate your discogs.src file (%appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources)

Make a copy of it.
Open that copy in a text editor.

Find the line [ParserScriptAlbum]=...
Under that line, remove everything except that 10 lines below # Coverurl
That's the code for the cover.

Lines that start with # don't need to be removes, they are comments.

Amazing, thank you Dano. I had to change the .src file in both the normal folder and the one under users\roaming etc ... it now does just what I wanted :laughing:

Do you have a solution to my 2nd question by any chance? :wink: