2 questions: covers and playlists

  1. How to create just plain m3u playlist without EXTINF lines? It's very annoying to clean every line of m3u files (my player sometimes reads double songs with EXTINF lines). My folder build is: artist/(year) album/artist - track.mp3 and I want playlist to be like this:
    artist - track 1.mp3
    artist - track 2.mp3
    without the EXTINF between them.
  2. Why sometimes I have covers on my mp3s when I deleted them? I don't see them on my PC, they just magically appear on my player.

OK, I found out the 1st problem. Another thing is how to automatically rename folder after saving playlist? I want it to change from XASXASXSTRASH 2012 TRASH XDASDASASAD to be in my format: (year) album

Update the database for your player and/or remove all picture files from the folders and switch off any function in the player that tries to get information from the internet.