20,000 mp3s OK but filenames are corrupt


Happy New Year all

My computer crashed while resizing my MP3 partition. I recovered everything using chkdsk /f.

However, some of the filenames (and therefore tags) have been swapped. Before the crash ALL my mp3s were fully tagged using Mp3tag sniffle

For example - I am playing D:\Music\The Chemical Brothers(2005) Push The Button\Galvanize.mp3

But I am hearing a song by the Stone Temple Pilots. Some mp3s are named correctly and others are not. I like random music but this is ridiculous :slight_smile:

I read about audio fingerprints of mp3 files and wonder if that could help me ?

Or is there any other way to recover the correct filenames based on the contents of the mp3 file ?

Cheers , I'm off to listen to something:-)


Are the tags intact? You could use MP3Tag to generate filenames out of the tags.


Thanks for the reply,

I had a look and every mp3 that kept it's tag is OK :w00t:
Any mp3 file without a tag is corrupt, the contents of the mp3 file is also corrupt so the untagged mp3's are a dead loss.
So, that makes it easy to sort out the good from the bad.

And I might even keep my DiY shuffle mp3 collection for friends to use at parties :slight_smile:

Thanks for Mp3tag


BTW The export function in Mp3tag came in extrememly useful for sorting out the damage. I exported into cvs, open in OpenOffice and easily sorted out what music was damaged based on the missing tags.

Good work and thanks again for Mp3tag.

I have to go explain to my girlfriend YET AGAIN, that if she starts to rip the 250 cds while I go to the pub with my mates it will make our relationship so much stronger. A common goal achieved in minimal time for our mutual benefit. Why can't they just understand these things :slight_smile: