20,000 Mp3's :P

Soooooo, here's what happened when I loaded 20,000 of my songs into Mp3Tag


Overall, awesome program. It helped me fully tag all 20,000 of my songs properly and keep everything organized, including album art. I'll try and donate $10 or so if my debit card ever gets fixed.

Comments on the 1.2gb ram usage? Just thought I'd share.

The memory is used by the data that is used with the undo feature. It keeps a copy of the previous file and tag information.

Maybe I should limit the size of the undo buffer or store it on disc - not sure about that.

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i have 12000 mp3s and when i tried to tag all of them together i got some strange error message and the program crashed... i have only 1 gb or ram.... i figured that this is the problem.... when i can recreate the error i'll post the screencap..