24 bit FLAC tagging

Hi, I"m trying to tag 24 bit FLAC files of a live concert recording. I can enter information into all the fields, but when I try to save all of the tag information, all of the Track numbers revert to 34(the last track number) and the Titles all become "Acuff-Rose"(The last song).

Is there a problem tagging 24 bit FLAC's? Or am I doing something else wrong?

Thanks in advance

Shouldn't be any issues tagging, regardless of underlying audio sampling.

Where do you enter that information?
If you enter it in the tag panel and press save then the data from the fields in the tag panel is applied to all selected files.
Use the tag panel only for that data that is shared by all the tracks. Enter individual data (like title) in the corresponding fields in the file list.
For all data that varies from track to track set the field to .