24H Time Formatting?

I have to order some files by the time they were created, and %_file_create_datetime% seems to be the right statistic, but when it gets down to the hours, it's ordering strictly based on the numbers, rather than AM coming before PM on the same day. (For instance, the top 3 files are ordered as 2:23PM, 7:26PM, 7:36AM)

Additionally, I think that with the same date, 10-12:00 are displaying before 2-7:00, because they start with "1".

How could I go about displaying the date in 24-hour format, preferably with leading zeroes, to avoid the numerical ordering issue? Alternatively, is there a way to get MP3tag to list these in the correct order?

It looks to me as though time settings are taken from the operating system's settings.
So: perhaps it is easier to set the windows time display to 24 hours (control panel > local settings > Modify > tab folder time
(As in my system which uses a 24 hour setting I have no such problems)
Alternatively you could enter %_file_create_datetime_raw% for the "Sort by" setting for the column definition.

Ah! Sorry I didn't see your post earlier, the site didn't email me about the reply, but I think it was set up for email subscription.

Anyway, yeah, I don't need to display the date, I just need the items listed in the right order, so datetime_raw works perfectly. I'm actually using it to automatically number some Youtube vids I downloaded so they'll play in the right order on my phone when I'm out and about. Thanks!