3.08c - 2 bugs - Slovak translation + GUI related


first of all, thank you for this awesome utility, it's simply amazing :slight_smile:

I just freshly installed v3.08c and found 2 bugs:

  1. Slovak translation-related: When manually checking for updates, there's a pop-up window saying that you are running a current version and update is not available. There's a typo in Slovak language. It says "Akutlizácia nie je dostupná", but it should be "Aktualizácia nie je dostupná". The typo is in the first word of the sentence.

  2. GUI related: In "Album Artist" column, there's and ampersand - see attached screenshot.

This GUI bug appears also in Slovak translation, after changing to English, ampersand is gone - see screenshot.
Ampersand 2

Thank you once again, keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing! Fixed with v3.08d.

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