3.18 - After update, title edit is massively slow

Updated to 3.18 yesterday.
Now, when doing simple title edit, say for all tracks on an album, it takes approx. 40 seconds before the line is updated, and I can continue to next track.
Not an issue with previous versions - might something have happened?

If you reinstall a previous version of Mp3tag on the same machine and then you do the same edits on the same tracks, how long does it take?

You do not say a lot about your environment.
Where have you stored the files? On a NAS?
What kind of files are you treating? MP3? Big files?

Does e.g. this help?

Or this?

I'll let you know as soon as I have found access to the previous version again.

I do get your point about NAS, network efficiency etc. And valid, your point is.
However, before update I never had any issue - at most a couple of seconds.
And I have tried to perform the same edit function with EasyTAG and Tigo Tago, with the same files, on the same NAS. And both of these had no issues at all (I just don't like them as much as MP3Tag ...).
I will reinstall a prior version, and redo the edit, and see what happens.

Hi again. That was quick, so have now re-run the same edit on version 3.17:
From entering a new track titel, press enter, and ready to type in next titel takes around 1 second. That's what I was used to.
Same file, from same NAS location, on a wi-fi home network.
Large files? - well, FLAC files so in the 40-90Mb range, but even small files makes little difference.
I think somehow, somewhere a change has been made, to create this scenario.
I will remove 3.18 for now, and continue happily with 3.17
Thanks for your inputs!

Bo P

I think you still have a local problem with access rights or other system configurations.
I doubt that future versions will solve your particular problem, so unless you find out what causes the delay you may be stuck with 3.17.

What was the result of checking the defender configuration?

Or any other "security software" that has still to learn that your newest Mp3tag v3.18 is not dangerous at all?

If you wait your 40 seconds between the titles in v3.18, do you see any software in your Windows Task-Manager (press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to start it) running high on CPU or network or disc?

It works fine in 3.17, it does not in 3.18. Has anything changed at my end? No, and it still works fine in 3.17. I can switch between the two, and get 1 sec vs 40sec execution time.
Are you seriously suggesting that 3.18 is faultless, and it must be local cause at my end?
If so, 3.17 must have been bloody brilliant...

I can see no system indicators, except that 3.18 when trying to update runs at higher CPU and disk activity, but no other programs or services.

I have worked with accounting software for 35 years. In my experience, if something becomes a problem suddenly, look for changes. In this case, a new version.....

Regards - I'll stick with 3.17

No and yes.
3.18 will probably be not faultless and I think it is something at your end.
Fascinatingly, you refuse to investigate your protective programs which also get frequent updates, but probably in the background.
Also, it could be something with your NAS software.
How does editing work if you treat the files in a local folder instead on the NAS with both versions? Does this also lead to such delays?
But as you are someone who

you can probably narrow down the cause.