Windows Defender - Speed of loading files in MP3Tag

In the past I already noticed that the antivirus-software of windows-defender slows down the loading speed of files in MP3Tag dramatically:

At this time my third-party antivirus-software (Avast) had been gotten accidently deactivated and windows-defender activated.

This time I wanted to give windows-defender a second chance, deinstalled Avast and activated the defender.
The same happened as before: Mp3Tag became very slow in loading files in spite of the activated library-function.

I tested some options in defender:

  • Exception for MP3Tag
  • Exception for the library-folder
  • Exception fpr MP3-files (Extension)
  • Deactivating real time protection completety

Only the radical deactivating of the real time protection changed the behaviour and the loading-speed was as fast as before.

I am curious if someone has a solution for the problem, that allows to use the defender.
Deactivating real time protection can't be such a solution. :unamused:
I don't think that this is a singular problem with my system because I don't seem to be alone:

And this defender-problem could also be an explanation for some posts here about slow loading in spite of an active library.

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I was wrong with this statement.
A hint of user @Alhifi made me check my settings again and I noticed that I had a type-error with the name of the process "mp3tag.exe".

The exclusion of the process "mp3tag.exe" ist the only necessary exclusion to the windows-defender to make Mp3Tag load fast.

I think this problem and its solution should be somewhere more prominent, maybe in the FAQ, because the windows-defender gets more and more dominant.

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Just you wait please

I have the persistent problem of slow loading of files to Mp3tag- since I was forced to go from Windows 7 to Windows 10. And that is despite that I bought even slightly faster SSDs. But that problem is obvious as sometimes the progress bar can visibly slow down and speed up during one load up; or even come to a complete halt, sometimes for a moment, sometimes for a few second. And I have free version of Avast. But I do not know about my real time protections settings

So what exactly did you do? And do you by Windows Defender mean Windows Defender Firewall?

I never had any such problems with Avast, only with the windows defender as Anti-Virus-Software.
And the problem with the defender is not slow down and speed up but continuous slow loading.

Thank you for clearing that out