3.19 Program Files (x86) 3.18 Program Files

I just updated to 3.19 on Windows 10. I right-clicked a file and opened Mp3tag, but 3.18 still came up. However, if I searched for Mp3tag, 3.19 came up. I looked around and discovered that 3.19 had placed the files in Program Files (x86) while 3.18 used Program Files. I uninstalled the old one, and things are fine, but I just wanted to point this out. In the past. updates have always been smooth.

So is this one.
It looks to me as though you have mixed the 64-bit-version installation and the 32-bit-version installation between 2 updates.

Yes, it seems that the 3.18 installation ended up in the 64-bit folder, and that is what causeed the problem. The strange thing is that as far as I can recall, I have always just clicked through updates, so it is a bit of a mystery to me why I ended up with two versions. Anyway, I did a bunch of manual uninstalls, and now I just have one 32-bit version in the x86 folder.

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