3.22a default actions

I just recently updated and the new default actions are a real let down and annoying

What I am finding most annoying is the extract image options no longer go to the folder I am reading the files from but defaults to my documents. Why do this? Di no-one test this feature?

In all previous versions, extract image would open the folder I was reading the files from, and allow me to quickly place or replace folder images. Now I have to navigate to the folder I am reading from each and every time.

No, I am not using a default location for the folders I am reading and writing the meta tags from, hence this becoming a huge PITA.

Can this default behavior be changed back to the way it functioned in every previous build?

3.22a: That is why there is a version 3.22b

Seeing as the release notes do not list it, and the client did not show an update, this is news.

Thanks I guess

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