3 Requests: Actions on the fly and "on top"


I'd like to be able to apply an action on the fly...meaning that I don't want to have to add it to the actions dialog and have it saved. :slight_smile:

An icon in the context menu and tool bar that opens up a quick "find and replace" dialog would be perfect for those quick one shot renaming needs that arise every so often. :smiley:

Also an "Mp3tag on top" function would be cool. I'm using Actual Window Menu to achieve this right now but it's a feature that should be in almost every program by default.

And "Minimize to tray" would be convieniant.

Nighted :music:


Is allready there: ALT+Shift+5

I like this idea too :slight_smile:



nickless, you're right! Thanks for clueing me in on that one! I should RTFM more often. :book:

I love keyboard shortcuts as much as the next guy but a right click is a lot more convenient and I'd still enjoy having it there in the context menu. Besides, this icon is in every toolbar in almost every other editor for Windows...just seems natural to add it.

But hey, whatever, I didn't pay for it so I'm not going to complain! :stuck_out_tongue:

Florian, can I bribe you with blueberry jam? I have more of that than I know what to do with right now! lol