300x300 Album Art Cover

Anyone know which tag source offers me a 300x300 album art cover sizes?

Amazon provides usually 500x500 albumart sizes only!

I can't tell you such a source. But I suggest that you resize your bigger covers to the desired size.

I use the free commandline collection imagemagick and the tool 'mogrify' to resize all my covers (from different sources) to exactly the same size.

If file size is the issue, then you could try lowering the quality of the JPGs. I've lowered them to 50% and haven't noticed a big visual difference, but get 60% smaller files.

XnView might be slightly easier to use for beginners than ImageMagick.

File sizes is not a problem, what I meant was the dimensions aka width and height of it.

500x500 doesn't shows up well in my mp3 player[iRiver] hence I need a 300x300 which shows the best covers.