4000+ FLAC Tags Disappeared Overnite--Please Help!

Benn archiving my CD collection over the last month, and had over 4,000 songs done (in FLAC) and tagged with MP3Tag 2.34a. Well, that was yesterday. Today, the tags for all of them have disappeared! Can anyone help me recover the tags?

I downloaded the dev 2.34e and installed that just in case, and the tags are still all gone! But I am able to re-tag the files--I tested this on one album, and it seemed to work fine?

I am about to pull my hair out--the careful tagging represented a HUGE amount of time I spent archiving. And I'm less than a third done, and everything is put on hold till I can figure out whether to continue using MP3Tag :frowning:

Fixed it! It was a permissions problem--the tags didn't show because I had changed my mapping and login. Aargh--it would be easier if MP3Tag simply alerted the user that it can't read the file rather than display the file list without the tags.

But all is well now that I figured it out... :sunglasses: