5 star rating on mac


Newbie question.

How can I rate my songs on a 5 point scale... didn't find how to do this, as I want to give my songs a star rating (I use MP3Tag as import for Rekordbox, a dj software).


The question is: does your player read the rating tag field?
Or does it only store that in its own database?

Also, read the documentation on Mappings:

and the field POPULARIMETER

I read about the POPULARIMETER but I still didn't find how I can make the field rating show up always for each track so I can easily rate my tracks from 1 to 5. I am a beginner with mp3tag therefore I asked like a step by step guide on what I should click to make this happen once, so it will always show up in the future when I open the program and swipe my tracks inside it so I can start to rate them...

Regardless of the functions in MP3tag it does not answer the question whether your player really reads ratings from the tags or whether it just keeps the rating in its own data storage. All effort to customize MP3tag would be worthless if the player simply does not read that field - which, BTW, is the case for iTunes.
To get extra columns in the file list or fields in the tag panel, see

I work with Rekordbox (not iTunes). Rekordbox on windows could read the ratings I made with Tag&Rename, so I hope this would work now too when I rate from 1 to 5 stars in MP3Tag.

As this is a common used field, it would be nice if it is shown by default, as it now seems quite complicated and a bit of a hasstle to show it, where other ID3 tagging sofware like Tag&Rename just show it nicely for each track of the CD, which speeds up giving a rating for each track.

Thank you.

Where do you see the hassle?
What have you done to display the field?

So I was able to get "rating" visible via the tag Panel, but to show it in the main header with the columns (I guess this is the file list?), I didn't figure out yet what to type in the Value and Field spots.... Also confused why rating isn't just listed in the drop down menu of that menu bar....

I just want something similar as in the pic, where I can easily mark the rating for each track of every CD....


To find out if any software uses an actual tag field to store the rating info, first make a change to a file using that software and make sure to save the change. Then open that same track in mp3tag, and uses the Alt-T enhanced tag editor to observe all fields that mp3tag can see. If you can see the same change, you can then use mp3tag to make similar edits to your other files quickly.

Note that some other players will not automatically pick up changes to files already scanned into its library. So you may need to figure out how to trigger a refresh to see these changes.

This is what the documentation says:
Value is required and denotes the content displayed in this column. It usually contains a placeholder , sometimes combined with scripting functions .

A simple example would be %ISRC%, the placeholder for the ISRC tag field. Another example would be $metasep(artist,\\), a format string that displays all existing ARTIST fields separated by Mp3tag multi-field separator \\

Field usually contains a placeholder that is used for editing the content of the field through the File List. Please note that if this field is empty, the column is write-protected. You can only use placeholders for tag fields (e.g. %ISRC%) as well as %_filename_ext% and %_filename% here.
Where do you have problems?

The field is called POPULARIMETER not RATING if that is what confused you.

No, I mean none of the 2 variables are there by default when I right click on the menu bar (see screenshot --> rating shows up in dropdown menu but only because I made it in the file list menu)... In all my previous Tagging softwares, rating was just there...

So in the "tag panel" I created a rating field (based on rating mm because there is no popularometer in the drop down field box there), but it does't populate to the menu bar on the right (the 4 rating doesn't show up in the rating column that I made via the file list menu). I just used %popularimeter% for value and field in the file list menu...

I guess this software is a bit too complicated for me, because making a rating option visible seems to confuse me overly and it should be simple :slight_smile:

Perfect. You want to see the values in POPULARIMETER and you want to write to the field POPULARIMETER.
Now you could follow @MotleyG 's advice and see which field your software uses and whether it reads updates for that field.