8 digit tags


I have a car radio which can display only the ID3v1 tags on two lines and 8 digits (caracters) each line.

Could you please indicate me a procedure:

  1. to transform the MP3tags for all MP3 files of a folder in ID3v1 tags on two 8 digit lines,

  2. to transform the name of the MP3 file in ID3v1 tag (taking into account the name of the artist (if available) and the name of the song),

  3. if it possible, in the first 8 digit line indicate the name of the artist and in the second 8 digit line the title of the song.

All remarks could be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Best regards.

Use copies of your files as you will loose data.
To write only V1-tags, set it in File>Options>Mpeg.
Use an action of the type "Format value" for ARTIST
Enter as format string: $left(%artist%,8)
This cuts then length of the artist name to 8 characters

Use an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE.
Enter as format string: $left(%title%,8)
This cuts then length of the title to 8 characters.

Use the function Convert>Tag-Filename with the mask
%arist% - %title%
to create new filenames, if required.

My first thought after reading your request was - forget it - look for a modern device class.

I do not know anything about car radio players, but I have some questions about the display ...

  • is it a static display of two independent lines of 8 characters each?
  • is it a dynamic treadmill display, with two independent lines?
  • is it a dynamic treadmill display, which maybe uses both lines together folded as one line?
  • how does the car radio player display the full information like Artist, Title, Tracknumber etc. from the ID3v1 tag?
  • does there happen any truncation of ID3v1 tag-field's content while displaying?
  • does the car radio player complain when the media file contains two tag-types of ID3v2.3 and ID3v1?
  • does the car radio player display just the media file's name or some tag-field content from the ID3v1 tag or both?

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Thank you @ohrenkino for your fast answer. I will try your suggestions.

So, if I follow each step, then I will have the name of the artist in the first 8-digit line, and then the title of the song on the second 8-digit line of my car radio?

I think that sometimes I will nedd also to get both the artist name and the song title from the name of the MP3 file. It seems to me, that I saw a procedure on the forum for that, but I have to find it again.

Best regards.

Check out the function Convert>Filename-Tag.
you would have to enter a mask to tell MP3tag what of the filename should end up where in the fields.
So e.g.
ABBA - Waterloo.mp3

and the mask
%artist% - %title%
Would put ABBA into ARTIST and Waterloo into TITLE.
There is a preview.

Yes, the problem is that the car radio is also the board computer of my car, indicating fuel consumption etc., and I would like to keep these informations. In other way, I can control that original radio using the buttons on the wheel.
My car is a Toyota Corolla HB of 2005, and the car radio has only CD player. I bought recently a Yatour MP3 adapter for my car which is connected on the car radio (to the CD changer) and all can be handled with the same wheel's buttons.
At the beginning, the car radio didn't displayed informations for all MP3 songs. I have needed some time to understand, that the ID3tag has to be in v1...

I think so.

There are two independent lines, but I think that it isn't a dynamic treadmill display.

I don't think so... but the display is more complex when using as board computer and displaying fuel consumption (instantly or average), which is displayed generally in the middle of the screen...

It is very sensitive to special caracters as ' (comma) which is replaced usually by a blank...
I realized, that it displays on a first screen the name of the artist and the title of the song, than generally it change once to the track number on another screen and then it returns to the screen displaying the (generally truncated) artist name and song title. Then, I can switch only manually with the DISP button of the car radio to check the track number.

Yes, generally for long song titles I saw only the first word, and sometimes the artist name isn't displayed at all (I have to check the special caracters there).

If both ID3v2.3 and ID3v1 tags are completed, than it diplays artist name and song titles as decribed before. But, if only the ID3v2.3 tag is completed, than it didn't displays anything (or only the Track number perhaps).

I have to check this point. Because now I'm not sure if it displays only the name of the MP3 file when the ID3v1 tag is completed, or it displays the artist name and the song title of the ID3v1 tag... In all the cases it is mandatory ID3v1 tag to be completed.
It seems to me that only the track number is displayed additionally from the ID3v1 tag, but not other information (as Album title, year etc.)

I would say ... you should maintain a well formed set of data in the tag-type ID3v2.3.
Set Mp3tag to write both ID3v2.3 and ID3v1 in one go.
Regarding special characters try encoding ID3v2.3 UTF-16 or ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

Perhaps check whether the filename (length 8.3 or longer?) can be used and wether the filename is displayed a all.
Perhaps check how a tagged WMA file will be treated by the player/radio combination.


Thanks a lot @DetlevD and @ohrenkino for your suggestions.

I will try all your indications.

I would like just to know is there are any instructions to use in order to be sure that on the first line I get the name of the artist on 8 digits (characters) and on the second line of the display of the radio I get the title of the song also on 8 digits?

Or, using the instructions given by @ohrenkino will do that feature automatically?

As we do not know yet if it is really the artist and the title that gets displayed by the car stereo or whether it is the filename or some other completely different algorithm you have to experiment.
Also, it could be that the car stereo uses the artist and title but they have not been filled everywhere and so the player uses the filename ...
And with that in mind, it could be that it is not really necessary to truncate the fields ...
Or in short: try it.

You have reason, I need to give a try.

Could you please tell me, if all the informations about the song title and the artist name of a MP3 file is contained in its ID3 tag or in the file name itself?

So, does exist any other information about the artist name and song title coded (and even not accessible) inside the MP3 file?

You can see this in MP3tag: is that what you see either in the files list or in the tag panel different from the filename?
For a test case: you could add some silly information to the data of ARTIST and TITLE to make sure what you see (e.g. ABBBBBBBA for Artist or Waterloooooo for TITLE).
Do not touch the filename.