9 new feature requests

Guys, I used Mp3Tag for a couple of days now and came up with a list of features that I would love to see. I know this is a very big list with some complex features but I thought I would share my ideas to see if you think any feature is interesting. Hopefully I haven't listed anything that Mp3Tag can do already :smiley:. So here is goes:

  1. Extended Tags: Affect only songs that have the field set. It seems that when I set a field to it blanks it on all selected files, not just the ones that have it set.

  2. Extended Tags: See the distinct list of values of a desired field when selecting multiple files. Handy to check what kind of information a field has and if it is worth keeping it or blanking it.

  3. Extended Tags: Every time I apply changes I do on Extended Tags I get a message box confirming the result and I need to click on it. It will be much better to have a window pane for output messages where no click is required.

  4. Apply multiple filters at the same time (or a filter with multiple conditions) and also filter on custom fields (the ones we can create using functions).

  5. Logical conditions on filters ("is empty", "is not empty", "is greater than", etc).

  6. Add Cover Type (Other, Cover (front), Cover (back), etc) to be able to show it's value. I don't see it on the Information Fields.

  7. Perform Album searches in multiple sites at the same time (Amazon, freedb, etc). Return all collated results.

  8. This could be hard to implement but could be a really cool feature as well. Using the existing Album Art search functionality perform a search in multiple sites (same as 7) but return images that "look alike" the existing Album Art. Show the existing Album Art alongside the new "better quality" Album Art to let the user decide if he/she wants to apply the new Album Art cover. Basically this feature is to enhance the existing Album Art with better quality images.

  9. Force the save of the Album Art as JPEG/PNG when GIF is downloaded/added as iTunes doesn't like GIFs.

That's all! :sunglasses:

Forgot to add this one (minor one, as there is a work around):

  1. Being able to drag and drop the fields on the main panel so I can change the column ordering.

I am still amazed by the speed and professionalism of Mp3Tag. It's miles away from anything free, open source or paid that's out there. Still it took me quite a bit of Google searching to find it. Unlucky as there are lots of people out there that need this kind of great App. Keep up the good work...