A couple feature ideas/requests

Firstly I love your program, it helps me out tremendously considering my large music collection.
I finally decided to join the forums after having been a user for about a year now. I hope to contribute regularly as I come up with ideas or find errors that occur :slight_smile:

  1. Make it customizable to make your own shortcut key.

For example, I use "ALT+5" for the actions tool in which I have several predetermined things I run to edit my files. It's not a huge ordeal, but in the main scheme of things making it so that i can set the shortcut to be something else, as opposed to the awkward key configuration of "ALT+5" would be very desirable as well as being able to set unique shortcut keys for any other number of things.

  1. Adding the autonumber tool into actions

It would be great for there to be a way to have the autonumber tool with the ability to be added into the actions tool. The reason being that when I run my default actions, i also have to seperately press "CTRL+K", afterwards to run that process as well. The reason being is that the current process I have in my actions tool list to number doesn't account for the fact that after TRACK # gets past 10, to not add a leading zero (for example 09, 10 - not 09, 010) Unless there is a way you could show me on how to do so.

  1. Automatic way of renaming folders based upon given criteria tag/field.

The abilities you have set up with this program are amazing in terms of being able to automatically format filenames or file tags depending on certain criteria.
One problem I have run into is that once I use something such as MusicBrainz to successfully and correctly acquire mp3 data, I still have the actual directory folder names and such that hold the files that are incorrectly named. It would be great to add a way to automatically rename the folder/directory that the files are in based upon given criteria.

Thanks so much for all the great work you do and for this program.
I hope that my ideas/suggestions will be taken into consideration.

take care,
very respectfully


use %_counter% in you actions.
or $num(%_counter%,2) for two diggits numbers with for leading zeros 01-09.

you can rename folders with the action Format Value if you choose the field _DIRECTORY

thanks so much! :slight_smile: