A couple of suggestions - toolbars and actions

First of all, I love this application, thanks so much.

My flow is essentially this:

import folder
match to album on itunes and import tags
remove all but essential tags (action)
resize cover to 1000x
delete tags (only keep id3 v2.3)

So a few things I would like to see:

  1. customisable toolbar - allow placing of buttons for actions and tag sources - 1 click instead of using menus/dialogs
  2. delete tags added as an action
  3. stretch (front) cover to 1:1 aspect ratio (as an action also)

#2 and #3 would be very handy, but #1 would be amazing!





And in respect to the action:
If you only use 1 particular action all the time, then Actions button opens the dialog and - if you have ticked only that action in the long list of actions - that action will be executed when you hit enter or click OK.
Web sources: the last used web source is remembered so you only have to click the web source button in the toolbar again.

Yeah, im referring to removing tag data types, i.e. remove id3 v1, ape etc. not fields

This doesnt strecth the cover, it maintains aspect ratio. it's more of an OCD thing, but sometimes it can just be a couple of pixels out on one dimension when down-sampling.

Correct, but my suggestion is to add a specific action group to the tool bar

Correct, but I would like to be able to choose, for example, cover only itunes US, UK or tags as well. Depends. Would be much quicker (for me) to be a button I've assigned on the toolbar to which i can just use muscle memory.