A Couple questions

Hi All,

Not posted on here much but that may change now as i am just trying to tag my entire collection and ripping all my Vinyls to which will also need tagging. I have to say the softyware is amazing and has helped me a hell of a lot.

Anyway... a couple of questions that hopefully i can get some help on....

1 - Is there anyway to set mp3tag going and automatically tag a whole bunch of files in folders if i was to store a text document in the folder with the discogs release id? (i'd have one releases tracks in each folder) or something similar to this. Any suggestions.

2 - Is there a way to use the _Directory rename action in the followning way.
if %band% exists "%band% - %album%" else "%artist% - %album%"
This is due to discogs only outputting a band tag if its a various album so the directory action appears to just pick a random artist from the list in these cases

3 - Is there any info anywhere that i can read that will teach me the code used in this system for expressions and actions etc ... ?

Many thanks

Name of action group: use any

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $if(%band%,%band% - %album%,%artist% - %album%)

http://forums.mp3tag.de/ :smiley:


Many Thanks for that !!

Now one more question for now....

It appears that discogs have added there name to the end of all the album titles along with the format ie 12inch or cd etc ... how can i stop this ?



Have you tried the latest Development Build which includes an update of the discogs web source?

Hi Florian

Yes i have and that works great but i dont use that build as it doesnt pull as much or the same as the one i use.... "discogs ext4 original" or something like that.