A few Features that would be nice.


First off i want to say for a freeware program, you guys have done a damn good job. It's better than anything out there that's freeware and can almost match my top favorite shareware app, tag&rename. The only thing i can see that's needed is the ability to add pictures to the id3 tags, and a rename folders with preset strings. The first one adding pictures to the id3 tags isnt very important but i think the folder rename feature is something that's needed. I'm not bitching since this app does everything i need other than the folder rename, and thats just a bit of a hassle when your dealing with many rips. Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you for this extremely good app.

Average bitrate in folder name


thanks for your nice feedback! I'm glad that you like Mp3tag :slight_smile:

To rename folders based on the tag informations, you can use a formatstring like
C:\Music\%artist% - %album%$num("%track%",2) - %title%
%artist% - %album%$num("%track%",2) - %title%
at the converter Tag - Filename.

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~ Florian


That is exactly what i was looking for, thank you. I have to say with the support you give to people asking questions this IS the best tagging app. I appreciate your fast response, and I have put your advice to use.

                                                            Thanks again, PsychoTrauma

PS: Maybe support for %Bitrate% would be helpful, I like to add the bitrate on my folders so I know the quality.


Use %_bitrate%. :wink:
AFAIK, all non-tag related variables start with an underscore (%_samplerate%, %_vbr%, %_filename%....).


Awesome, thank you Sebastian_Mares, it works wonderfully. This app keeps amazing me every time I think I found something it needs, I really havnt.

I have another yet another question, is it possible to do a if vbr use %_vbr% if cbr do %_bitrate% as like a variable.




Anyways... %_bitrate% also returns the average bitrate of a VBR file (just in case you didn't know :slight_smile:).


Once again thank you, I am fully satisfied having all my questions answered. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.


wow I didn't know that $if exists in mp3tag :astonished:
The Helpfile needs updating I think

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The problem with the $if command is, that the condition is almost always true :slight_smile:

Explanation: If you use the $if command with a tag field like %encoder% and the file doesn't have a encoder tag field field, the text "%encoder%" is still interpreted as true.

The $if command works in this special case, because every file contains the special %_vbr% field. That's why I haven't updated the help file.

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~ Florian


I actually disagree with the quote above, as I have found mp3tag to be way better than tag&rename, but I guess that's based on personal opinion and the particular taste of each user.

Nonetheless, I'd like to insist on the latter question the previous poster made. Are you planning on adding support for id3v2 image tags in mp3tag?

There are some mp3 appliances and gadgets out there that recognize and display cover art in id3v2 tags. My dvdplayer (which happens to be made by the company I work for) is one such appliance. It displays these embedded images when playing mp3s, and that's why I always add a little album cover to my files, but to do so, I use both a winamp plugin or the apple iTunes software to do it. It would be swell if we could do it directly from mp3tag.

Also, mind you, I believe this thing have some future. I read an apple tech whitepaper not long ago that stated they're planning to add color and graphical capabilities to the display of iPods as soon their battery technology go the next level and gets up to speed (sorry I can't provide more details on that, for I may lose my job), but perhaps this explains why iTunes fully support id3v2 image tags, and all tracks downloaded from the iTunes music store (m4p aac files) have album art embedded.

Mp3 is not my area of expertise, and I know little about mpeg standards at all, or if id3v2 image tags are standard, but what are you thoughts on the subject? I'd love to hear some opinions.


This is only a general information: storing non-text data in ID3 tags is a bad idea. The best thing would be saving the covers (or whatever) in the songs' folder.


Actually, if you read down after I learned that it was possible to save the files in a folder based on the tags, I was fully satisfied. I would have to agree mp3tag is the best there is and it amazes me how wonderful it really is. Also after seeing the wonderful support, that just topped the cake. I tell all my friends to use mp3tag over other products because the customization, support, functionality, and support is wonderful. For freeware it really is one of the best applications I have used.