A few questions... reordering numbers... changing the beginning and end of file name when the original has underscores

I just downloaded this great program and I am trying to get myself aquainted with it better but it seems that I'm having a hard time understand much beyond the most very basics.
There's a podcast I love to listen to but the way the files are named make them so hard to sift through on my HD. I'd like to find a more fast and convenient way to rename them but I'm not sure how to go about it.

for instance one file is named:


I would like to change this too.

KC101 - Beginner S1 - 080128 - L23.mp3

I can get rid of the whole name of the file and be left with KC - Beginner S1 - L23.mp3
but I would like the date 012808 to be included after the "S1 -" and also I would like to change the date format from 012808 to 080128 so that the year is in front and not at the end.
I hope this made some sense and is possible to do. I would like to do multiple files in this order so I hope there is a way to go about that. Please help!

"KC101 - Beginner S1 -" Would be constant through out all my files -the date is in the original file name- and "L23" would just be "L%track%"