A filter expression with wildcards help


I'm trying to figure out how to properly use a filter expression on file names to fix BPM tags that somehow got messed up on my part. The file names could look like:

{4} - MASTERMIX MASHED UP--X-PRESS 2 VS. GAT DECOR--BPM(131-206)--BITRATE(128)--YEAR(2002)--12INCH(NO).mp3


I want the filter expression to only show me files from a loaded directory where the bpm has a "-" present in the file name. Where the first lower bpm could be a double or a triple digit.

I've tried:

%_filename% HAS BPM(***-

%_filename% HAS BPM(???-

I'm assuming a regular expression can be used with wildcards to search for the "-" but I'm not sure how to work it out.

Can someone provide some guidance? I have the script to correct file name to tags to fix my issues, I just need the filter expression to drill down hundreds of files where only several may have the "-" within the file name itself for correction.




Returns only files where the content of the tag field named matches against the regular expression . You can use * to address all fields.

Try this:

%_filename% MATCHES BPM(\d{2,3}-

You need to use MATCHES as this searches a regular exp in filters. See MATCHES at Filtering files and tags (Searching) to learn other functions which you may find useful. Theres examples at the bottom of the page.


%_filename% MATCHES "BPM(\d{2,3}-"

Was just typing that out and I seen you already replied :stuck_out_tongue:

Worked great, thanks guys, I have used the other terms like HAS NOT etc, but this is the first time I had to search a file name this way for files that I have already "fixed" for my naming conventions. I think when I pass over the main filter I use to clean up tags, I forgot to fix part of the tags like I normally do, luckily the file name has the info I use.

For some background to clarify that mess I call a paragraph above, I use Serato, and a lot of songs have transitional BPM's as you can see, but Serato does not show any non number, so I put the remaining bpm into the label field. My master filter cleans up all the tags and nuked anything after the -

Thanks again for helping me out, saves me a lot of time an effort.