A Groove Style

I created a new style for HTML export, I let you appreciate this:

Test on new browsers, just a bug with the blur, and background fixed for IE, Edge and Safari, but work well on other browsers.

Download: html_zenairolf2.zip (2.21 KB)

html_zenairolf2.zip (2.21 KB)

Thanks ZeNairolf for sharing with us this good looking export-file.
I like it very much.
With my limited "skills" i am only able to understand parts of it, especially not the effect with the backgound-cover (blur).
My skills were just sufficient to change %artist% in %albumartist% for my needs. :wink:

As I understand your code it depends on the existence of folder.jpg in the album-folder.
Therefore the export-file needs the path to the original folder.jpgs.
As there are only needed small-size pictures (large thumnails) in the export-file I thought about changing to an alternative script, which is independent of the orginal folder.jpgs und will work an other PCs without the orginal source-files. I thought of creating a separate thumbnail-folder-structure that could be transfered together with the html to another PCs.
Is this solution possible and do you know what to change?

1 problem with your html at the moment:
For some of my albums the background-blur does not show and I can not see a reason for that. I see no difference to other album-folders where it shows. The folder.jpgs are present in all album folders.