A little small italian translation error

I have recently known your program and I find it very useful and well done. I downloaded the latest version (3.17) and I found a small error in the Italian translation that was already present in the previous version. I found your post where you indicated the section dedicated to translation corrections but the link no longer works. The bug is in the header of the directory column where "Direcory" is indicated instead of "Directory" or "Cartella".
It is a very small bug which obviously does not affect the functioning of the program.
Hello and thank you for your program.

I just searched the file "italian.lng" and could not find "Direcory".
I also looked for all the variables with "DIRECTORY" and checked whether they had a text definition without the "t".

So I think that this spelling mistake is a local problem originating possibly in a user-defined column.
Could you check your column definition and see what it shows for "Label"?
You could then insert the missing "t".

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Thank you for your answer.
It was right in the definition of the columns even though I never changed any.
Anyway thanks for your attention.

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