A much needed feature

I read in another thread that Florian's wish list is add duplicate file and tag data comparison and searching......PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE can the feature be looked at and added soon. Every other tool is crap, this app really needs this feature.....especially with large libraries.

I have 408,000 files to contend with and I need to root out the dupes......and I just can't find anything that can deal with this problem, this important feature needs to be integrated........is there any way this could be addressed????????

The program has so much power, yet missing one of the most simple tool chains needed to be damn near perfect......willing to donate for the additional work if it can be done in a timely fashion.

Florian, any way to comment on this?......



And what would be your basis for declaring a duplicate - same tags or byte for byte identical audio content?

Why not option for both?

Just because the file names are not identical, the tags can be depending on how they were named, I have America, AMERICA, Amerrica, America all with the same title "horse with no name", all the exact same song, different file size, multiple bit rates, so why not be able to search and then group "horse with no name" and give the user the option to do what is needed, either delete them, rename.........whatever, the tools are already in place to do take the needed actions.

Easy you say just do it by eye? Try doing that with 1000's of tracks in a folder and then use your eyes to find the dupes, it becomes a point where you gloss over and miss many. Group them by alphabet and do it piece by piece.......um......why? Tool can parse folders and sub folders....its a waste of time doing it "folder by folder"

There is no reason this shouldn't be part of the program, with the scripting power it has, this should be a very simple task to implement. I'm sure as the option becomes more useful, it will be tweaked as users provide feedback.

That is my basis.

Agreed, that finding duplicates is a tedious task.
There are workarounds though:
iTunes (free of charge) displays duplicates on the basis of tag information. As it does not consider the audio footprint it can easily tricked or is useless if the information for a live album is displayed as a duplicate for a studio take. On the other hand: Amerrica and America would be considered as

So going by tag contents is not quite it.
The MD5-way does not work as it flops if you have different sampling rates.
So far for me the only program that has a decent hit rate is the freeware "similarity".
Going by internal indicators like tags or filenames does not result in sufficient hits. So I would vote to redirect the developer's powers to other features on teh wish list.

Why not just use musicbrainz Picard to add the puid tag and use that as a basis for establishing differences....export the tags to text, load in a spreadsheet, sort and compare puid strings

Why should I have to? Or would I want to? While your suggestion may be a valid one, your tasking how much overhead work? And your method says nothing about how I would be able to easily delete the duplicates, I would still have to do a lot of manual deleting and sorting to find the dupes, it adds a LOT more work by your proposed method.

I've already run all my files through Picard and the results I have now are the result I have now, some songs are doubles because they have different albums......like greatest hits, vs original album name etc etc. Others simply just don't have data from Picard, or is blatantly wrong data. My files are in the form they need to be, now I just have to root out the duplicates.

Why is it I detect that you are opposed to this simple feature?

I hear you......and the other member too.......but no one is listening......I DON'T want to use another program to do this and I shouldn't have to.

It can be done using the tags and the path fields for validation. There is so many options to script this, regular expression that.......what is all this resistance to add this feature for a common problem..... :angry:

I don't care about the MD-5 info, I just want the ability to find duplicate tags and allow me the user to deal with them as I see accordingly.

Nothing more, nothing less.....

I still would like to hear Florian's thoughts on this.

Thank you

You can going on to complain as often as you can and also bring good arguments, but you will still have no solution by tomorrow, so use the Mp3tag tool and the known method from the following URL and do your work.
Finding Lower and Upper case in fields using filter expressions
It appears that you are looking for someone who irons out your mistakes in tagging for you.


I'm not complaining, I started off with a feature request, and then get bonked over the head with use other programs which defeats the point of the request. I am using another program to solve my issue, these are not MY mistakes in tagging, I'm just the one doing the cleanup of someone else's mess, so please don't assume it's my mistake when it isn't.

But thanks for the tip.

Oh and your link answer was modified after the fact, so I just looked at it now, I'll give it a go.

Wasn't knocking your idea, just wanting to understand what it is you're after - there are many ways to interperet a duplicatew when it comes to audio. As your need sounded urgent I proposed a workaround.

In any event, could you be so kind as to set out the criteria that when met would constitute a duplicate file?