A New Button in Extended tags Panel


I'm user of mp3tag for some years now, & something bugs me when managing tags using extended tag panel. I use "Del" key to remove the value but occasionally I press "Del" key over wrong tag fields & then have to cancel the panel & do what I done all over again.

I could be useful to have a button to change the value to with a keyboard stroke like "Insert"
& would save me hours of my time redoing or manually typing the value. It could be named as restore to default or revert or what so ever...

I actually wanted the tag panel to show every value the selected mp3 files have like the menu tag fields. but that button is just enough for me.

Thanks for your time & effort...

The proposal offers a good suggestion, but needs some more detailed view.
I am speaking now about the dialog "Extended Tags..."

Once a single-value tag-field name is selected for deletion, using the [Del] key, it will be marked with the label for later physical deletion after pressing [OK].

Once a multi-value tag-field name is selected for deletion using the [Del] key, this single item will be removed from the list of tag-field names.
Only when all multi-value items are manually removed, then the remaining 'root' tag-field name will be marked with the label .

It would be handy when a key combination like [Shift]+[Del] can undo the last [Del] processed step and restore the situation as it was before, independently for each tag-field name respectively for each multi-value tag-field sibling.
Thus an user can immediately correct the last entry error and must not start all over again.


Thanks DetlevD for your support... looking forward to see this in next version :stuck_out_tongue: