A Problem with Album Art

So I have an OCD and want all the music files in y phone to have the proper BASIC Tags (Title, Artist, Album, Album Art,etc.) and to do it, I use Mp3Tag to provide all the necessary details, but I'm having some problems on some files.

From time to time, the cover art just wouldn't register on my phone. When inserted on the device, the mp3 player (I use the Music Player from Samsung and Google Play Music) will either use its default cover art for files that have no cover art, or just use a cover art from another song.

Does anyone also have this case? and how can I fix it?

Albumart normally is the same for a whole album.
As far as I know the player takes the first song of an album to catch the albumart and show it.
So if you have several songs of an album and one of them has albumart and the orthers not, the palyer will probably show the albumart of the song with an embedded cover.

Use Mp3tag to check the size of the Album Art for some of the tracks that don't show the art. Look at the field "Cover Size". Some players have a limit on the size of that tag, if it's over the limit the album art won't show up.

If the tracks that don't show the art have large cover sizes that's probably the problem. You'll have to do a little experimenting to find the size limit. Then resize the album art with an Image Editor like IrfanView and re-tag the tracks.

Yep. That's the case... If a track has no album art, it either shows the default player art or another album art.

So what I have to do is examine one of the songs there, get its cover size, and just apply it on the other cover art?

Welp, here's an update:

I tried resizing the album art at 800x800 PNG, 800x800 JPEG and 600x600 JPEG, all not working.
Also tried re-encoding the audio file (by re-converting to MP3), also did not work. I guess its either my phone or something that have to do with the album art metadata.

If you want to check a files integrity, use a tool like mp3val or mp3diags. Re-encoding should not be necessary.
Also: check if the files have tag version V2.4 - they should have V2.3.
The cover dimensions on some smart phones are limited to 200200 - so 600600 would still be too large.
If your phone relies on the folder.jpg mechanism, you can easily export cover art from the files to the filesystem with an action of the type "Export Cover art".

You cannot resize coverart within Mp3tag. You would have to export the images, use an external program to resize and then import the images again.

  1. afaik, every track that i have has v2.3. Those who does not have their album art recognized are either v2.3 too, or v2.2.
  2. Some of my songs have cover dimensions of over 1k x 1k, and still being recognized...
  3. I don't think my phone relies on folder.jpg mechanism... How do I check for it?

I actually meant that seriously: check your files with one of the mentioned integrity checkers, esp. those that do not show coverart. And as V2.2 is a little outdated, you should give these files a treat and update them to V2.3

You could export the folder.jpg for all albums and then see if the phone likes that more. It is a little tricky to find folders that do not contain a certain file. And therefore the brute force method to simply export all covers is easier.

Also, you could check your files with
%_covers% IS ""
to see which files actually have no embedded covers.

If you find that the folder.jpg files are of no use and clog up the file system, you can easily delete them again either with explorer or the command shell and the command
del /s folder.jpg

So I got around mp3diags and discovered these details on the songs that don't have album art... now what? (Screenshot in attachments)

It shows that you have 2 tag versions stacked on top of each other.
Check the columns in the files list in MP3tag that you have a column that has the following value:
%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]
This shows the sort of active tag.
Now proceed as follows:
Sort by this column
select the files that have the V2.3 tag as active tag,
copy this tag with the function of the context menu: Copy tag.
Delete all tags (probably you have to do it twice to get rid of the stack)
Then insert the copied tag with the function of the files list context menu.
This should leave only the V2.3 tag.

For those that have the V2.4 tag as active tag, it should be enough to delete the tag. This put the V2.3 tag as topmost tag.
Watch the display in the tag-column to see what happens if you delete/copy tags. If this leads to undesired results, undo it.

Finally, you can add the covers. Then, mp3diags should not report missing apic frames any more.

I don't follow what you said, but I got it sorted out at the end... all I did was remove the tag data in Mp3Tag and re-apply them all. Might be a huge pain to re-download the cover art online, but it'll do. Thanks, anyway. You've been a huge help. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If there are some files that still have embedded coverart, you can recycle these for the other files in that folder:
Export the coverart with the action of the type "Export cover to file". Use a filename like %album%
Then import the exported coverart with an action of the type "Import cover from file" and the name %album%.
Then set a filter with
%_covers% IS ""
Which shows you the files that still have no cover. This may reduce the number of downloads...

This is just plain weird... when I was applying tags the first time, it worked. everything was fine, including the cover album. But I have to change the title because it apparently misarranged. When I put it on the phone, the album art is now different. Do note that I didn't change the album art as I changed the title.