A Question about Album Cover Artwork

I connect an external hdd (with all my music on, yes I do have backups!) to my Lumin T2 streamer.

I have a folder for each artist/group and inside that folder I have individual folders for each album by that artist/group and a folder.jpg Pic of the artist/group.
Inside each album folder I have individual tracks and a single album cover as folder.jpg instead of embedding the cover into each track.

When scrolling through the hdd and looking for an artist/group , I see folders with an image of the artist/group and if opening a folder I will see folders showing the cover for each album.

I have a folder which has a mix of different tracks from different albums and I've embedded each track with its album cover.
I don't like folders which are blank so want to show this mix with the first tracks album cover but if I do that my streamer does not show the individual embedded images but just the first tracks cover for each track.

Is there any way of getting round this?

Is your question related to this issue?

No, I'm asking a different question.

Looks to me like a function/feature of the streamer. So you would have to find out what the streamer likes so that it behaves in the way you want it.
If that includes e.g. that you move each file to an individual folder and export an individual folder.jpg file as your streamer relies on the file system instead of the metadata tags, then MP3tag could probably help you to create a folder structure and export the covers.
You would first have to find out about the streamer's requirements.

There is a chance that your streamer relies an the ALBUM-Tag to group tracks of an album together. So a workaround could be to manupulate the ALBUM-Tag and set it equal for all tracks. If you rather like to have correct ALBUM-Tags I don't think that there is a chance.

It looks like there is no way of getting round this, which is a shame.
I thought I would ask just in case there was a way of solving this.

I have now sent Lumin an email. Hopefully they will have a solution.

Quite simple in the end. Don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place.

I just put all the individual tracks into another folder. This allows me to show the cover of the first track and to show the embedded covers from each album when playing the tracks.

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