A 'simple' way to make my tags all uniform?


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I am not sure if this is the right forum thread to post in, but here goes...

I would like a simple way to convert / rename all my mp3 files, so they are as follows:

Artist / Album (with year) / track number - title of song

Therefore, an example (it is not real, I am just using any info):

Pearl Jam / Ten (1992) / 01 - Once

Ideally, 'Pearl Jam' is the top folder, then all albums from that artist would be located in the sub-folder, with the album release year listed in parenthesis. Inside that folder, would finally be the track number, followed by the title of the song.

The other thing I would like is for all the instances of "Of", "By" "On" "In" "For" and words like this, to be made lowercase automatically - except, for when the word is the beginning of a title. Does that make sense? For example, 'The Boy On The Hill' I would want it to rename as 'The Boy on the Hill'...is there a list or something online somewhere, that suggests what words to capitalise, and what words not to?

Is there a way I can set this naming structure up so that I can edit the files as needed in mp3tag and simply click a button or two to make the renaming happen as above? I would really appreciate any help with this, I am pretty new to the whole tagging life...

Thanks for this excellent program!



to move only music files:

Action: Fomat Value
Field: %_filename%
Formatstring: C:/???/%artist%/%album%(%year%)/%track% - %title%

to move the whole directories including artwork, playlistfiles, whatever...

Action: Fomat Value
Field: %_directory%
Formatstring: C:/???/%artist%/%album%(%year%)

Action: Fomat Value
Field: %_filename%
Formatstring: %track% - %title%

There is no easy way, but it is possible. You have to search for rules of capitalisation in English headlines, a quick search didn't give me a good list.
As far as I know all prepositions and the articles a, an, the are written lowercase, everything else is capitalised.

A way is:
Action: Case conversion
Field: _ALL
Case conversion: Mixed Case
Words begin from/after any: ([/-

Action: Replace
Origninal: Of
Replace with: of
only as a whole word: check
case-sensitive comparison: check or uncheck

Action: Replace
Origninal: By
Replace with: by
only as a whole word: check
case-sensitive comparison: check or uncheck

Action: Replace
Origninal: On
Replace with: on
only as a whole word: check
case-sensitive comparison: check or uncheck


You can combine this action in a actiongroup which enables you to let them run in with only a few clicks once you saved them.

You will have problems with certain artist names like ABBA or AC/DC which will be written Abba and Ac/Dc. There are numerous topics about this proplem in the forum, all with no final solution. There are even some lists of hundreds of artistnames here in downloadable script files for actiongroups (mta files), but in my opinion these lists can never be complete. Maybe there is also a replacement list script for the prepositions here in the forum.


Thank you very much for such a detailed reply...much appreciated! Will try it.

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