A Small Feature Mp3Tag is urgently in need ..

I am a professional media distributor and i use mp3tag which does almost all of my tasks in ease. I used the word ALMOST ALL because Mp3tag lacks one feature. Simple trimmer. To overcome this demerit i am forced to use professional batch filename trimmers ( i use File Renamer Turbo).

  I know trimming feature already exists in Mp3tag, but do u ppl know how complicated its to use :frowning: 

Even Einstein's String Theorem seems easer than that.
Regular Expression,Standard functions, $trim, $RegExp blah blah blah ... these equations made me mad.

Dont underestimate me, i have laready coined questions regarding this 6 times.
Rest 3 are posted in non Mp3tag forums like videohelp, 9down, totalguide .......

Pls pls pls pls pls pls, consider my request to implement this feature. At last its all about a small feature

Advanced thanx. Love u a lot Guys, specially Florian :smiley: | ViV4 G3RM4NY :w00t::slight_smile:

PS : i have attached screenshot of the feature Mp3tag lacks ... :slight_smile:

So what did you make with the answers to your topics, you didn't even reply.
Don't just ask the same question again in a new thread.

Also try to be as clear as possible with your requests, just "Trim filename" is not enough.
But now you've supplied a screenshot. Looking at it, it seems you want to remove a certain amount of characters from the right side of the filename.

In Mp3tag there are often many ways to solve a problem.

Minna Minni (Instrumental) - We are The 1.mp3
So you want to remove the " - We are The 1" part from it.

Your approach: Remove the last 15 characters.
Solution for Mp3tag:

Maybe looks complicated, but once you have it, all you need to do is change the number to your needs.

Another approach: Just replace " - We are The 1"
Format string:
$replace(%_filename%, - We are The 1, )

Now that's easy.

Even this approach from your old topics works:
(it's just a different pattern)