A Solution to Missing Album Art

I have recently spent many weeks archiving both my CDs & vinyl, a real labour of love resulting in 29,000+ mp3s. I have used several programs for archiving & given what I have learned I would have done it completely different but I can’t face going back & doing it again.

The real problem I came across was certain programs not recognising the embedded artwork. Particularly media server software seemed hit & miss; at the moment I am using Twonky & it suffers the same problem. Some tracks will not display album art even with no discernible difference between working & non-working JPEGs.

I read many solutions but none worked. Resizing, altering DPI, checking for progressive JPEGs, re-saving the mp3 etc etc. but after hours of experimenting the problem was discovered. One of the programs I used to archive CDs inserted a ‘Cover Description’ & removing this allows the Album Art to be displayed correctly.

My problem is I don’t want to go back over 15000 mp3s removing the words ‘Front Cover’ from this field.

Mp3tag has the ability to batch remove fields however I cannot find one that directly links to the ‘Cover Description’ field. Another program I tried removed the ‘Album Art’ as well so I have a horrible feeling they are linked.

Does anyone know a way of removing the ‘Cover Description’ field as a batch without having to do each album/single separately?

Thank you in advance for any help.

I doubt that you can remove the cover description alone. I am afraid you have to export and import the covers to get rid of the description.
But, alas, there are action types esp. for these kind of tasks.
The following action exports the existing covers to the album-folder with the name of the album.

Begin Action Group Export

Action #1
Actiontype 13: Export cover image to file
Formatstring for image filename: %album%

[_] Export duplicate cover images

The following action imports a cover with the name of the album from the current album-folder

Begin Action Group Bilder#Albumart importieren

Action #1
Actiontype 12: Import cover image from file
Formatstring for image filename: %album%.jpg
Import cover as: front

[X] Delete existing cover image

End Action Group (1 Action)

Thank you for the reply.

This was the method I tried first however it only seems useful if all your mp3s are dumped in one folder. The exported jpeg is placed in the root of the scanned folder but the import function does not look in the right folder to put it back again.

Since all my mp3s are divided into Artist/Album folders it actually takes longer to use this method than to just open a specific album & delete the description.

Have you tried it with an action as I described?
Because on my machine it works "like a charm". Each album gets its old picture back and no pictures are stored in the root directory.

I stand corrected, your method will work. I somehow had the syntax wrong.

I did not use it however. I realised (in time) the many of my albums have several discs each with their own cover. Extracting by this method would over write the JPEGs & I would end up with the same cover for all discs.

In the end I found another program that firstly made it more obvious the description field was filled & secondly made it easier to remove.

Still took hours to complete though!

Thanks again for the help.