A way to organize FOLDERS as well as music files in them? Or else a LIGHTWEIGHT standalone program for this?

I have become quite adept at some of the more technical aspects of Mp3Tag and it is awesome! But now that I have all of my music properly tagged and names, I am trying to find a consistent way to organize the folders that contain the music.

I've searched for a solution for this for a while now, and pretty much universally, the solution that people have is using either media monkey, musicbee, or itunes to auto sort. None of these quite fit the bill for me for various reasons: Itunes doesn't let you customize the scheme, as well as cuts filenames shorter than I want them; Media Monkey and musicbee work well, but everytime I want to organize my music directory after adding new music I have to scan it back into the program first and then do the sorting. This is not the biggest problem in the world but just a little more hassle than I would like, considering I don't use those as my music apps. I know I am being kind of nitpicky.. But essentially I just want a small program or script that I can run every time I add a new folder or music files into my main music directory, that organizes it nicely all over again.

TL;DR - Assuming Mp3Tag cannot automatically organize directories/folders along with music files, does anyone know of a lightweight program or even a script thats sole purpose is to organize the directories containing my music, so I can run it every time new music is added? Thanks!

Mp3tag never does anything automatically but only if triggered by the user.

You can apply a naming scheme that relies on the various attributes of the files.
See the abilities of Convert>Tag-Filename in conjunction with the backslash as part of the partially or fully qualified filename if you still have to distribute files from one folder to several others.
And see the options in actions of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY or the function in Convert>Tag-Tag for %_directory%.

Or you can try something like this: http://www.id3renamer.com/moreinfo/ or this http://www.softpointer.com/tr_help/0201_renaming_files.htm

Thanks for the tips guys.

As far as I can tell, those programs only adjust filenames and tags. These I have already perfected, I just want a way to create/remove/organize the folders (directories) and subfolders that my music files are in. I.E. I want to set up a Music/AlbumArtist/Album/Disk/file.mp3 folder structure.

The problem with MM and Musicbee, which do what I want, is that I can't just choose a directory and have the engine organize it for me. I can only auto-organize the music that has been scanned into the program, which has been causing some real annoying problems for me like duplicates, skipped files, etc..

So if there was a program like mp3tag where I just choose the directory and it edits the FOLDER STRUCTURE instead of the tags, that would be perfect.

That tip looks interesting I didnt notice the _Directory option in actions in MP3tag. I'm not totally clear on what you said.. I'll play around with it myself but do you know if Mp3Tag is powerful enough to both add & remove directories on multiple levels if I set it up that way? Or will I just screw up my collection folder scheme even more? Thanks!

as I said: MP3tag does not do anything automatically, you have to trigger it.

Now: there are several ways to deal with file names and folder structures. You have to choose which is the appropriate one.

If you have files in a sort of dump folder and you want to create new folders (according to a naming scheme) then use Convert>Tag-Filename and extend the mask in such a way that it contains a path-component, e.g.
(this is the equivalent to an action of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME)

If you already have the right files in the right folders and it is only that the folders have the wrong name, then use Convert>Tag-Tag or "Format value" for _DIRECTORY.
This renames a folder (so that in effect the old folder name is deleted). Do not add any filename components.

MP3tag does not delete any folders, only renames existing ones or creates new ones.

To me, this makes almost no sense. How are you adding new music? Do you just dump a load of unrelated files into the root music folder? Most people rip a new CD, and either their ripping software places it in the desired location (most often ARTIST/ALBUM) or it's easily done manually. Once your music folder is organized as you like, then incrementally adding new music by CD does not require organizing the whole thing "nicely all over again".

On the other hand, if you just dump a pile of new files into your folder and find that now it's a mess again, I would encourage you to do things a little differently. What you want to avoid is that organizing the entire thing all over again, which can be very slow and is unnecessary. What I would do is keep a new files folder, dump the files into it, then use Mp3tag to move files out of that folder and into your main music folder in the organizational manner that you desire.

I'm not sure where you got the impression that Mp3tag cannot do this. It can easily move files to new folders based on tag data and scripting functions.