AAC question

Ok, i have mpr tag 2.42, tagscanner 5.0 build 5.25
And lots of aac music files, aacPlus, 56kbit parametric stereo AS DESCRIBED by the encoder that i created them with, AND MPEG-2 HE-AAC (Implicitly signalled), sample rate 22050 (output: 44100), SBR present, Channels: 1 (output: 2), mode: parametric stereo, bitrate 56072, AS SEEN by Winamp

Now when i open them with tag scanner, i have information in the ALBUM ARTIST field, cover art, a number in track number field, a number in total tracks field, and also a number in the 2 disc fields (disc 1/1 for example.)

Now when i open the same track in mp3tag, there is nothing in "album artist" field, there is no cover, the track number is a simple number rather than 9/22 for instance (it only shows 9), there is nothing in the discnumber field, and tag type is id3v1.

When i ALT+3 the same track in winamp, i have 4 tabs, basic info, artwork, id3v1 and id3v2.

The settings in mp3tag regarding reading and saving tags ar as follows:

As u may have noticed, i enabled reading all kinds of tags, but i disabled saving tags in ape format as my nokia e90 music player doesn't see album art if aac has ape tag.

Now my obvious question is why can tagscanner see album artist tags, covers, save them, tracks number and disc number and mp3tag can't ?
Why mp3tag shows me the tag is id3v1 and that it has no cover art, when winamp clearly knows it has album art and id3v2 tag ?

I am always forced to use tagscanner to proprely tag my aacs.
Moreover, when i check extended tags in mp3tag for the aac files only the following 6 fields are shown: ALBUM, ARTIST, GENRE, TITLE, TRACK, YEAR. And no cover art. When there should be a cover art, and 2 more fields, ALBUM ARTIST, and DISCNUMBER.

Is there something mp3tag can't proprely detect ? Am i doing something wrong ?What's the problem ?

Mp3tag doesn't support id3v2 on aac

Why the h*ll not ?????,
I MUST have support for that !

Is there a logic not to support id3vs on aac ?
I really hope it's added soon !

The logic behind this is that ID3v2 is not specified to be used with AAC. There are some applications that are doing so, but Mp3tag won't be one of them.

It is not specified to be used with aac, yet my music player in my e90 sees the album art on aacs. That means it is "specified" to be used with aacs.

If there are applications out there that use id3v2 for aac files i see no reason what so ever to include support for id3v2 on aac files in a future version of mp3 tag.

The way i see it: "but Mp3tag won't be one of them" tells me you won't even make this happen in a future version. To me it looks like this: "I can add id3v2 support for aac but i don't want to"
Is there something bad that will happen if u include support ?

I want a logic answer! And the answer: "The logic behind this is that ID3v2 is not specified to be used with AAC" is not logic at all since tagscanner suport id3v2 for aacs and the music player in all series 60 nokia phones also supports id3v2 on aacs. And winamp also as it seems.

I mean, this has to mean something, doesn't it ?

I really think support should be added. I don't think it's a hard thing to do ?
Are there some incompatibilities issues to it ?
There has to be some answer that makes sense. If other programs have it, (and i gave 3 examples) why should mp3tag not have it ?
I don't like to use multiple programs to tag my music files. I find mp3tag very intuitive and i want to used it to tag my aac files too !