Ability to batch insert text into existing fields

Sometimes managing MP3's means changing filenames enmass to make the artist name the same (for instance).

I like the utility called ARen for filename manipulation. I would like to have the same flexibility for renaming tags.
Case in point - I have an audiobook where the Titles are "CD1 Track 01", etc.
Is there a way to insert text like, "Huckleberry Finn - " in front of the all existing titles with one click?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Just use ALT+1 (Converter, TAG -> Filename) and choose your target format. A possible example for the format string could be like this:

Huckleberry Finn - %title%

This would rename all your marked mp3 with the fix text
"Huckleberry Finn -" and the variable value in your title-Tag.