Ability to copy all items in a column

Florian, if you develop this ability, I will definitely donate.

I've been re-ripping my entire CD library to higher quality mp3 or FLAC. One of the things I've painstakingly done is look up original release years for individual songs that are contained in compilations like box sets. I don't want to have to do all that work again.

I'd love the ability to have more than one instance of the program open and the ability to copy an entire column of years, for instance, and paste it over a corresponding column in another window. I don't want to overwrite any other tags in the new files. If this sounds like an Excel-type maneuver, that's precisely what I mean.

Thanks for considering.

Don't hold your breath, waiting for multiple instances to be implemented. :grinning:
That has been requested many times.

But you could do the equivalent by exporting a tag field (eg. Year) in the old files to a text file, and then using the "Text file - Tag" converter on the new files.