Ability to import or use txt editor to create user defined lists; ability to use same list for multiple fields

I love the added feature of being able to use user defined lists for our fields. It is a great first step. However, I find it cumbersome to have to input all the values within MP3Tag. It would be great if one could just import a text file with the values, as text editors are much easier to use and have spell checkers among other tools which can help in formulating the list.

Since we can use text editors to import actions, I hope it would be an easy feature to add in future updates.

It would also be wonderful if one could use the same list for multiple fields. I have several genre fields and I would love to use the same list for all of them without having to input all the genres over and over as I have more than 100 (probably more than 200) genres. Of course, if one could just import from a text file, this would allow one to use the same values to use as pre-defined lists for multiple fields.
:pray: :pray: :pray:

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I've added an option to import custom list values from a text file with Mp3tag v3.19a. Good point with being able to reuse the text file for multiple fields.

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Woohoo! This is why this is one of the best programs out there: the developer! Thank you, once again, Florian!!!

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