About search in local freedb


The future in search in local freedb is what I'm waiting for many time and it's great!
But here is some question and suggestion.

  1. Where is saved the local index?
  2. When I make an update to local freedb I think I must update also the index: this operation delete the old index and make a new one or make only an update?
  3. Why don't add the possibility to performe a search also without select a audio-file and view the results in a window (the text file as the preview is also good)?
  4. Is it possible to add other information in the result of a serach as is in the text file, for example the time of each track?
    Many thanks



  1. The file is saved in Documents and Settings<i>User Name\Application Data\Mp3tag\Mp3tagfreedb.db.
  2. AFAIK, MP3Tag will rebuild the database.

Sebastian Mares


Many thanks for your answer.
And about 3) and 4)?


There's no need to add this feature, because you can select a dummy file, enter the freedb-ID and click the preview button.

Sorry, but this is not planned.

Best regards,
~ Florian