About tag deformed... "comment" "arrange"

Hello. As I am using a translator, the sentence may be awkward.
I use window 10 Pro, Mp3tag v.2.87a and Language is korean.

  1. If you modify any of the tags in your mp3tag, you won't see the " comment " tag in the window folder. But you can check it in mp3tag.

  2. If you revisit the " comment " tag within the window folder, the contents of the " ARRANGE " field will be distorted among the tags that were modified in the mp3tag.(ex>RRANGE, RANGE...) (Only the " ARRANGE " field was checked. The fields " ALBUM ", " ALBUMARTITST ", " ARRANGE ", " ARTIST ", " COMMENT ", " COMPOSER ", " GENRE ", " LYRICIST ", " TITLE " and " YEAR " are not deformed. I don't know if any other fields are deformed.)

I would like to see a " comment " in the Windows folder, but at the same time, I would like the contents of the " ARRANGE " field to remain intact. I don't know if it's a bug, but it has been. I hope this is solved soon.


AFAIK the comment field has to have the language token of the OS language. MP3tag standard is "English" as this is expected by iTunes.
You can set the language token in

The WIndows Explorer does not like user-defined fields - so if "Arrange" is one of them (I don't see it as standard field in the list of supported fields (Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation)), this could be the reason.


As you said, setting " English " as the standard language eliminates the above phenomena.
But if you go back to " Korean, " the same error is repeated.
Regardless of the version of mp3 tag and its built-in language pack, it seems that the compatibility of the program is still insufficient.
And I didn't even know that the " ARRANGE " field is not a standard one, but now I get it.
I don't find a fundamental solution, but I know the cause, so the frustration has gone.
Thank you for your help and have a nice day.


As it does not quite work out:
in the old days, before you could set the language for COMMENT the other advice was to run mp3val (do an internet search for a source) for such a file. Then, in most cases, the comment field was visible in the Explorer.
Perhaps this is still a worthwhile trick.