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I'm using the mp3 tag for tagging several audio files except wav ones. Can't be done.
Am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks for your time

José Carlos

See the change log:
[2016-04-07] NEW: added support for WAV files with INFO tags and ID3v2 tags.
And see MP3tag's main page on supported file formats:

Can't in what way?

You do not see WAVs in Mp3tag? You do see them, but do not see tags in WAVs? You get some error when trying to save the tags? You are able to save the tags but do not see them when WAVs are handled later on outside Mp3tag?

yes, outside mp3tag the tagdoesn't appear on the file.

So where do you see a problem with MP3tag?
I would say that this is a problem of the other program.
E.g. Windows explorer is rather bad at treating tags in wav files.

so you say i must other than explorer to tag the files or listen to them?

Windows Explorer is no tagging program. MP3tag is.
Listening to wav files should be fine - depending on the player you see the metadata from the tags or you don't. That's a problem of the player, not of MP3tag.

In general tagging WAV files is not really great. There is not really a standard way of doing this and different tools support different ways or none at all. The kind of standard way is to have an INFO chunk in the file. This is a pretty limited format with support for only a handful of tags and no proper support for different character encodings.

Mp3tag does write the INFO chunk, and I can also see the written tags in Windows Explorer. So the basic tags such as title, artist and album should work just fine as long as you do only use latin characters.

To have more sophisticated tagging some tools support adding ID3 tags to WAV files, e.g. Mp3tag and foobar2000 both support this, but Windows Explorer and most players do not.

I think the best course of action in general is converting the WAV files into some lossless format which has proper support for tags such as FLAC or ALAC.

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The whole point of using software like Mp3tag is to use something professional / dedicated to the task at hand

For example free filemanager FreeCommander is a great software with many options and can also show tags- but despite me being a hardcore user of FC I did not even try using it for tagging my music or even looking at audio files with tags with that software

The only other software that you should view [but not edit] your tags with is your media player

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