About the license - the commercial use aspect

First of all, thank you so much for this great software!

I have a question about this part:
"Mp3tag v2.77 is designed for private use and commercial use without sale ("Freeware"),"

What exactly "commercial use without sale" means?

  1. I can use it in a commercial environment, but I can't sell Mp3tag?
  2. I can use it in a commercial environment, only if my company has no sales so far?

For instance, some other licenses put a cap of the revenue.
"However, no license is needed for private, non-commercial activities (e.g., home-entertainment, receiving broadcasts and creating a personal music library), not generating revenue or other consideration of any kind or for entities with associated annual gross revenue less than US$ 100 000.00."

Could you tell, me, please, if the "without sale" part refers to my company's revenue or to the Mp3tag itself?

Is "Mp3tag v2.77 is designed for private use and commercial use without sale ("Freeware")," similar in meaning to this:
"You can use Mp3tag v2.77 for private and commercial purposes, but you can't sell the Mp3tag software." ?

Thank you,
Sergiu Funieru

By selling mp3tag on and passing it off as your own work basically. This is a Freeware App for all to use (except military domain or in a similar domain (Weapon creation, armament, etc.) but say for personal use & for Professional DJs etc etc

You also need the authors permission to distribute it 'for free'. Like most other freeware programs.

I can confirm what stevehero is writing. You can use it in your commercial company for free.

For example if you're Amazon.com and want to create your own music streaming service, you can use Mp3tag for free to build your music database. However, you cannot – as part of your service – offer Mp3tag for download (but you can link to Mp3tag's download page).

I'd greatly encourage you (and anyone else who is reading it) to consider donating if Mp3tag is of (business-) value to you. I think users from a commercial environment have the greatest possibilities for giving something back, but are most of the time bound to keeping the costs as low as possible. I'd love to see some change here.

Kind regards
– Florian

Hi Sergiu,

just out of curiosity – in what kind of commercial environment are you planning to use Mp3tag?

Kind regards
– Florian

>>> You can use it in your commercial company for free.
Thank you so much for confirming!

>>> just out of curiosity – in what kind of commercial environment are you planning to use Mp3tag?
Simply put, I want to create video tutorials about Mp3tag, post them on YouTube, and add AdSense on them. This is considered commercial activity, that's why I wanted to make sure I'm allowed to do this. I'm not sure if those tutorials will bring me any money or not, but if they do, I'll make sure I'll make a donation. At the very least, if nobody clicks on those ads, those videos spread the word about Mp3tag.

Mp3tag is a quite versatile software, and I'm planning to use for some of its "outside-the-box" features.

I am a video tutorials creator. One problem I am trying to solve is organizing a large number of videos, and here's where Mp3tag can help me enormously. Let's say I want to create 1024 videos and to publish them on YouTube. Each video has 4 stages (txt, wav, avi, $$$). That is:

  • txt means I only have the script for it
  • wav means that I already recorded the sound for it
  • avi means that I created the avi
  • $$$ means that I uploaded it to YouTube and it was accepted for monetization
    Each video is in a folder, like: 0001,0002, ..., 1024, all being in the subfolder 1024videos

With Mp3tag, I can create a shortcut that will point to the folder 1024videos, and Mp3tag will scan automatically all wavs. Initially, all these folders will have a 1 second blank wav per folder. With Mp3tag, I can add a tag, called txt or wav or avi or $$$, depending on which stage is every video. Initially, all will have the txt tag. One of the great features of Mp3tag is that I can filter, in real time, all wavs that have the txt tag, for instance, so I know what videos are not yet finished.

I created, using your tutorial, a "Open Folder" tool, and combined with an AHK script, I assigned it to LWin key. So, when I want to go to that folder, I just select the wav, and press LWin and I'm there.

Another fantastic Mp3tag feature is that I can edit any tag with double click, and get saved it automatically, which means that I can switch from the txt to avi stage in an instant.

I can also create a second tag, where to put the YouTube link for each video.

Basically, I'll use Mp3tag as a project management software, the simplest I've ever seen. Here's a snapshot of how it looks on my computer. I plan to create several videos to explain all the above, because the idea of my YouTube channel with 1024 videos is to be replicable, so anyone interested to be able to do the same if they want to. I also created a software that will combine an image with a sound to create one video - the combining is made with just 1 click, with no questions asked. Mp3tag was the missing piece - how to organize 1024 videos in a easy way.

I will create YouTube videos for these 5 features as well:

>>> I'd greatly encourage you (and anyone else who is reading it) to consider donating if Mp3tag is of (business-) value to you.
I'm not sure how to say this to not offend you. I'm sure that Mp3tag is valuable for a lot of people, but I'm not sure they currently have enough incentives to donate (please see #1 below).

Speaking about donations, may I offer 2 suggestions?

  1. Some donors would like to see their names. In history, a lot of big donations were made by people/company that received credit for their donations. For instance, someone who donates $100 could receive a badge with "Friend of Mp3tag" and a mention on a hall of honor. Something similar to this:
    (the list is sorted by the amount, as it should be, in my opinion).

Here's how it works:
"This is a list of registered Vim users and sponsors who have donated 100 euro or more. Only people who have indicated they want to be listed are included. If you are a registered Vim user or sponsor you can change your preferences on the edit account page."

Is there a hall of honor for Mp3tag donors? If yes, what's its address, please? If not, why not?

Long time ago, I remember I donated for a site that had a LIVE Hall of honor. That is, they had an automated system, that displayed my name within minutes of my donation.

Here's the thing : I never donate anonymously. It's not about asking you to put a link back to my company or to my website (even if some sites do even that, like the one above). It's about making me feel that my donation will make a difference. If you don't acknowledge my donation, usually I'm tempted to donate to people who do acknowledge. Yes, there are people who donate anonymously as well, but please remember the "adopt a highway" strategy - the donor has the name there. It's the very incentive for donation.

The useful part of a donation - a company/person gets a tax deduction for the donation.
The emotional part of a donation - a company/person gets its name mentioned.

Simply put, some companies/persons will not donate if the emotional part is not acknowledged.

Here's the balance / cause and effect for each action:
I like Mp3tag -> I use it and thank you for making it free
I donate to Mp3tag -> You make me feel that my donation made a difference, by mentioning me in the Hall of Honor (and you use the money for whatever features you consider)

"If you like using Mp3tag please donate to support further development." doesn't currently include the emotional part.
How about this?
"Your donation will shape the future of Mp3tag. Please join our Hall of Donors. Any amount matters!"

  1. How about starting a crowdfunding campaign?
    Here's an example:
    You already have a great software, so it's easier to create such a campaign.

Thank you again for creating Mp3tag! It rapidly got on my "use daily" list.

Sergiu Funieru

Hi Sergiu,

thanks for your feedback! Your plans sound interesting and providing Youtube tutorials about Mp3tag is not against the license :slight_smile:

Regarding the donations: I don't have and don't plan to have a hall of fame/honor/thankfulness. If someone wants to support my work by means of a donation, it makes me happy and I'll acknowledge this personally. If having the value of Mp3tag is not enough as a motivation to donate, I'm also fine with it :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project!

– Florian

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